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This Health IT Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


  • Developer Name : MedAZ.Net, LLC
  • Product Name : Med A-Z
  • Version : 202001
  • Certification number :
  • Certification date : June 16, 2023
  • Relied upon software :
    • TWILIO
    • Surescripts
  • Criteria certified:

    (a)(1) CPOE – medications
    (a)(2) CPOE – laboratory
    (a)(3) CPOE – diagnostic imaging
    (a)(4) Drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction checks for CPOE
    (a)(5) Demographics
    (a)(9) Clinical decision support
    (a)(12) Family health history
    (a)(14) Implantable device list
    (a)(15) Social, psychological, and behavioral data
    (b)(3) Electronic prescribing
    (b)(10) Electronic health information export
    (c)(1) CQMs – record & export
    (c)(2) CQMs – import & calculate
    (c)(3) CQMs – report
    (c)(4) CQMs – filter
    (d)(1) Authentication, access control, authorization
    (d)(2) Auditable events and tamper-resistance
    (d)(3) Audit report(s)
    (d)(4) Amendments
    (d)(5) Automatic access time-out
    (d)(6) Emergency access
    (d)(7) End-user device encryption
    (d)(8) Integrity
    (d)(9) Trusted connection
    (d)(10) Auditing actions on health information
    (d)(12) Encrypt authentication credentials
    (d)(13) Multi-factor authentication
    (e)(3) Patient health information capture
    (f)(1) Transmission to immunization registries
    (f)(2) Transmission to PHA – syndromic surveillance
    (g)(3) Safety-enhanced design
    (g)(4) Quality Management System
    (g)(5) Accessibility-centered design
    (g)(7) Application access – patient selection
    (g)(10) Standardized API for patient and population services

  • Clincial Quality Measures (CQM) certified:

    CMS22 V9
    CMS68 V10
    CMS122 V9
    CMS127 V9
    CMS129 V10
    CMS134 V9
    CMS145 V9
    CMS147 V10
    CMS165 V9


Med A-Z adheres to a standards-based approach to exchanging patient health Information between systems. Additional third-party functionality are subject to published rates at the time of contract, depending on the type of contract (product/billing).
  • Appointment reminders
  • Hosting costs - per prescribing NPI
  • Direct messaging - per prescribing NPI based on published 3rd party prices
  • New client install fees
  • New client database migration and setup fees
  • Training fees based on daily rates
  • Annual maintenance fees
  • Support fees
  • Data extraction in custom formats(no fees for extraction in ONC certified formats like QRDA1, CCD, etc.)


Med A-Z adheres to a standards-based approach to exchanging patient health Information between systems.

Standards Referenced:

HL7 standards
HL7 Fast Health Interoperability Resources


Single Patient
Bulk exports

FHIR main site:

FHIR web site

FHIR Base url:

Single Patient
Bulk exports

Machine Readable FHIR Endpoints:

Single Patient-Capability statement:
Single Patient-Smart configuration:
Single Patient-Openid configuration:
Bulk exports-Capability Statement:

Preferred Formats:

Transmission methods can be evaluated case-by-case.


Med A-Z ensures maximum security through the use of Multi-factor Authentication, or MFA. Using a pre-registered phone number or email, providers enter a one-time passcode, or OTP. Users will receive an OTP each time they login using their choice of text or phonecall.